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Studio Lessons

New student rates:

        $60.00 -- 30 mins In-house lessons are $30.00 more per lesson

        $90.00-- 45 mins For travel expenses

        $120.00 -- 60 mins Travel days are M W

        Pro-rated Suzuki group lessons are monthly on Tues and Sat afternoons

Returning student rates: $55.00 for 30 mins

        1 TRIAL LESSON IS FREE without obligation to join the studio.

    Also, a portion of all student fees is directly donated to orphanage children in India on an annual basis. For more than 31 years Dr. Marcia has helped fund her own orphanage school by using a portion of her GMA stipends to pay for student fees which in turn were used to help children in the orphanage. Her original vision was that a small portion of ongoing student fees would be used for the less fortunate children.

Cancellation policy: Returning students may miss 3 lessons for the academic year (Sept-June 20012-2013) but all students must pay for two months at a time every other month. Missed lessons may have makeups according to studio times availability. All instructor absences means no charge to the student. Beginning fall of 2010 however, all new student makeups were discontinued due to limited studio space. Summer schedules are more flexible due to vacation commitments. However, all students must commit to a semester of lessons (Sept-Dec or Jan-June) after the initial free trial lesson. A 30-day termination of service policy is required.

Studio holidays are all major holidays but do not include such days as Ski Week, Presidents Day, Veterans Day or Columbus Day. Instructor takes 2 weeks holiday Dec.22-Jan.3 and 2 weeks holiday during summer months.

A fall and spring recital schedule is strongly recommended for students other than adults but is not mandatory. Studies have shown that students who regularly participate in music performances do better long term than those who do not do perform often. All families however, are encouraged to attend the recitals on a regular basis. An extra fee of $25.00 is required per student per indoor recital whether the student participates in the recitals or not. This enables us to commit to the occasion with equipment plus hall and/or studio rentals. Fall Oct. or May recitals are typically held indoors and the spring April or May outdoors recital is known as the 'Hootenanny'.

Please call for additional prices, availability & more information.

May Hootenanny

Suzuki Music

My student Dilip playing Comfortably Numb Solo 2 by Pink Floyd which he learned himself after 8 mos of Suzuki guitar lessons,

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